Showhomes of Atlanta - Home Manager Pre-Qualification

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Home Manager with Showhomes of Atlanta. The first steps to becoming a Home Manager are:


1. Submit your contact information

2. Submit photos of your furniture (Photo formats accepted: JPG, GIF, PNG)

When taking pictures of your furniture, stand in the corner of the room and take the picture so the entire room can be seen in each shot like you see here. Close ups of individual pieces of furniture will not work. We want to see how the entire room looks. We will be sharing these pictures with Owners and Real Estate Agents for their approval, so the better the pictures look, the better your chance of getting approved to become a Home Manager.

Examples of How Photos Must Be Taken:


If you are ready to complete these steps now, enter your email address below and click 'Next'.

Cannot use a mobile device such as a tablet or phone to upload pictures. You must use a computer.

Returning Applicants Only: If you have previously uploaded photos to us before, please use the same email address so we can automatically identify your profile.